Sweatshop Machinist EP

by Djinn Funnel

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released August 14, 2012



all rights reserved


Djinn Funnel Austin, Texas

Djinn Funnel was formed in December of 2011: eleven years after the world ended, and one year before the world ends again. Mayans predicted that a super duo would form in pop music, splintering society into hysteria, but the Vatican co-conspired with the Kennedy brothers to keep this a secret. Read more about this and more at Djinnfunnel.com ... more

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Track Name: Sweatshop Machinist, 2.0
Sweat shop baby man
Make me big shoes
AK-47 made of leather
Clumps of gold and yellow
Watch my empire unfold
As the hourglass foretold
The old ones are insane
Like young ones are unsure
Cultures fibers move and stir
Riot fires, out with liars
Peace and love, only love
Riot fires, out with liars
Hold our hands for John Lennon
Throw the prophets in the fires.
Track Name: Ozymandias
Looking into distance
Flying like a chorus
Shifting lens flaring
By a man telling stories
Tells a story
Tells a story
Tell a story
Two vast legs of stone
Standing in a desert
Next to a sunken face
With a frown of cold command
Upon a pedestal, his final words appear:
"I am King of Kings!"
Look around and despair
Nothing around remains
Upon the land's decay
Shifting sands floating
Stretching far away.